At Zhang Studio we are a small organization, with quality as our sole compass point. As such, we produce a limited number of museum-quality paintings each year.

Our four resident artists average twenty years of professional experience. Working closely with their reference photographers, they combine their considerable technical skills as painters with a nuanced understanding of the color palette of western photographers.

The the resulting work is among the best of its kind in the world, done at an accessible price.


Zhixing Zhang


Born in 1977 in Putian, Zhixing Zhang apprenticed for painters Jia Yan Zhang and Zhi Qing Huang before striking out on his own. After twenty years working professionally, he continues to study the work of others, traveling to see exhibitions of interest. As with all of Zhang Studio’s painters, his style is centered in realism. But he also seeks to create the best balance between emotion and detail.


Ivy Lin


Born in 1979 in Putian, Ivy Lin has been drawing and painting portraiture since before she can remember. She cites the Spanish painter Pino as one of her western influences, with Chinese painter Len Jun providing inspiration from the east. Working in her small, fabric-lined studio—just 9×13 feet—makes Lin feel as if she is painting inside a cocoon. She is drawn to detail in her paintings, with an eye towards creating a portrait that has meaning; something people will want to keep for many generations.


George Wen


Born in 1981 in Fuzhou, artist George Wen discovered art as an outlet when he was a teenager. His first paintings were studies of clouds. After art school, he received additional years of specialized training from painter Jia Hong Min before turning professional. Wen’s style seeks to balance the level of detail with what he feels is the most important aspect of a painted portrait: “I want my paintings to feel real; to come alive.”


Thomas Linn


Born in Zhangzhou in 1972, Thomas Linn’s first paintings were of landscapes, painted on the trunks of trees in the local forest. His talent was spotted at a young age by art instructors, and he was marked for early and intensive training. Linn began receiving international commissions even while still a student. In the decades since, Linn has had an illustrious and productive career. He is a dean in the Xiamen art community, and is often called upon to teach his techniques to the instructors at the local art college. In his free time, he also volunteers as a mentor to teens who have an interest in art.